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    Drug crime convictions’ consequences can include imprisonment, probation or parole, loss of child custody, and significant fines. Some of these charges can be classified as felonies, which are often difficult to delete or erase from a record. At Mark Bishop Turney Attorney, we have well-qualified attorneys that can represent you in your drug cases. Our attorneys act in your best interests to provide you with the solutions you seek. We are committed to our clients and defend them based on the peculiarity of their cases.

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    Are edibles illegal in Trussville, Alabama?

    A patient with a qualifying medical condition can use edible cannabis. The patient must have received permission and certification from a licensed and recognized physician. Medical marijuana is legal in Minnesota. Recreational use of marijuana is, however, illegal in the state.

    Registered medical marijuana patients can possess marijuana edibles that can last up to 30 days. The permission does not give patients the go-ahead to grow their marijuana. Marijuana cultivation is illegal, even for permitted medical marijuana patients. They can only purchase legal medical marijuana from dispensaries owned by licensed distributors.

    What are the consequences of a drug conviction in Trussville, Alabama?

    Drug convictions can be quite detrimental to the accused moving forward. These convictions come with hidden consequences, such as losing the right to possess firearms and the right to vote. Avoid future regrets and contact us to defend you in any drug case.

    If I intend to plead guilty, why do I need a lawyer?

    Even if you plan to plead guilty to the drug crime you are charged with, getting the advice of experienced counsel offers you the best chance to minimize your sentence and maximize your opportunities to move toward a brighter future. Criminal defense attorneys play an important role in the criminal justice system by equalizing the balance of power between the defendant and the prosecution and by ensuring that the constitutional rights guaranteed to all criminal defendants are protected.



    Mark has handled several legal matters for me over the past several years. All of them were quite difficult and emotionally exhausting. I got the results I desired. I can honestly say I could not have been more pleased with his services that he and his staff provided. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Turner to handle any legal matter that somebody might need help.


    I contacted Mr. Turner for help with a difficult case. He was very timely and informative. He helped in so many ways. Eliminating unnecessary expenses and time. He even follows up after to see if there’s anything else that needs attention. I hired Mr. Turner and would recommend him.


    Mark has been a friend and attorney for several years now. After a 15 year marriage that ended he always had my best interest in mind, some I didn’t want to hear but needed to. Mark is/was always willing to listen to me and give advice. My son had a situation that ended up being nothing and Mark met with us after I got off work and talked with my 23 year old like he was his own, my son respected him. I would highly recommend Mark


    Mark was referred to me by a friend to help me with an uncontested divorce. I did a lot of checking around & it was $500 minimum until I spoke with Mark. I saved so much money & was so happy to have an attorney who I dealt with directly & not other staff. He even met me at a Chick-fil-A after I got off work one night. My divorce process was so easy and quick. Mark is very professional, intelligent, calming & pleasant. Truly a breath of fresh air. I actually just hired him again to handle an adoption.


    I hired Mr Turner to defend me in a criminal case inwhich I was basically dead to rights on three charges, so I was hoping for a reduced sentence at best. But Mr. Turner was determined to do better than that and fought for me against impossible odds, under one of the toughest judges in the state and a merciless prosecutor. He would not give up and the final result was ZERO jail time!!! He was always professional, always available to contact, extremely helpful and very informative. He exceeded my expectations in every way and I could not have asked for a better lawyer or a better outcome.


    For flawless legal services, contact Mark Bishop Turner, Attorney today.

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